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Shenzhen Expressway Announces 2013 Interim Results

release time:2013-08-18

(Hong Kong, 16 August 2013) Shenzhen Expressway Company Limited (“Shenzhen Expressway” or the “Company”) (HKEx:00548) and its subsidiaries (collectively, the “Group”) is pleased to announce the interim results for the six months ended 30 June 2013 (the “Reporting Period”).

According to the report, for the first half of 2013, Shenzhen Expressway recorded revenue of approximately RMB1.489 billion, net profit of approximately RMB386 million and earnings per share of RMB0.177.

In the first half of 2013, the overall traffic volume of the highway projects which were managed and invested by the Group continued to increase. However, owing to various degree of effect brought from industry policies and other factors, the Group recorded toll revenue of approximately RMB1.36 billion, representing a YOY decrease of 1.5%. Among which, due to the implementation of toll free scheme for small passenger vehicles on holidays and the unified toll rate standardization scheme carried out in Guangdong Province since June 2012the decrease in toll revenue accounted for approximately 20% of realized toll revenue. Moreover, cost of traffic services for the Group recorded a YOY increase of 12.7% due to a substantial increase in the cost of depreciation and amortization owning to the growth in traffic volume. As a result of combined impact of the aforesaid factors, net profit of the Company recorded a YOY decrease of 8% during the Reporting Period.

The Company’s management commented that, the external operating environment of the toll highway industry has undergone relatively substantial changes in recent years. It brought more pressure and challenges to the Company’s operation management. In order to explore the potential and improve the operational performance of the projects, the Group has formulated and implemented proactive marketing campaigns in view of the advantages and features of various highway projects by tracking, collecting and studying relevant information and data. Meanwhile, the Group improved the peak-hour traffic divergence and emergency response capability, and strengthened road maintenance management to improve the traffic efficiency of the road network in order to provide road users with faster and safer services so as to improve competitiveness and operational performance of the projects. During the Reporting Period, due to positive effects brought by the Group’s marketing campaigns on key projects as well as driving effect as a result of improved road networks, the average daily toll revenue of Nanguang Expressway and Qinglian Expressway increased by 24% and 21%, respectively.

During the Reporting Period, by putting more resources and enhancing the on-site process control, the Company organized and strengthened construction management, to proactively boost reconstruction and expansion works for North Section of Meiguan Expressway and maintenance works for the road surface of Jihe West, which are expected to be completed by the end of 2013. Upon completion, such projects will efficiently enhance the traffic capacity and comfort and contribute to improving the level of service and operational performance of the projects. In addition, Coastal Project, an agent construction project of the Company, had completed the delivery and inspection in the end of June 2013 and it is expected that it will open to traffic in the second half of the year. Serving as a significant component of expressway network in Shenzhen, the operation of the Coastal Project will further improve the road network in Shenzhen and surrounding regions and bring about new opportunities for the business development of Shenzhen Expressway.

In the first half of the year, despite the easing of external financial condition, the negative effects of the changes of policies in the industry on the operating and financing activities of toll road companies still exist. In order to guarantee safety and efficiency of turnover of capital, the Company made a financing and fund arrangement in advance based on its need. Moreover, the Company actively studied various financing channels, types and schemes and will use them whenever an opportunity arises in order to continuously improve debt structure.

Appendix I: 2013 Interim Results Highlights

( Unit: RMB )

2013 Interim

2012 Interim



1.489 billion

1.561 billion


Of which: Toll revenue

1.362 billion

1.382 billion


Cost of Services

693 million

6.65 million


Of which: Cost of traffic services

664 million

589 million


Investment Income

89 million

68 million


Financial Expenses

294 million

312 million


Net profit attributable to owners of the Company

386 million

419 million


Earnings per share






Appendix II: Basic Operating Statistics of Toll Highways during the Reporting Period