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Happy Fall

On the first day of fall we reviewed adjectives, nouns, and verbs.  Enjoy!


Fall is…

Big round pumpkins sitting near my house,

Creepy costumes scaring you a lot,

Tired farmers sitting on their couch,

Yummy pumpkin pie filling up your tummy,

Scary ghosts carving pumpkins,

Greedy witches brewing their potions,

Small bats falling from the sky,

Funny spiders screaming boo!!!!



Fall is…

Creepy spiders smiling at witches

Greedy bats flying high in the sky

Carved pumpkins hanging from doors

Sweet candy eating by children

Funny costumes wearing by children

Greedy witches screaming at bats

Orange leaves floating by wind

Round apples feeding farmers.

Sienna Beltz


Fall is…

Rainbow leaves falling from trees.

Spooky witches flying in the sky.

Scary costumes scaring you.

Weird spiders climbing all over the place.

Yummy candy decorations hanging

Big bats flying in the sky.

Invisible ghosts spying on people.

Fluffy cats running in their costumes.



Fall is…

Big round pumpkins scaring little children.

Tall greedy cats sitting like a statue.

Long yellow leaves falling from the trees.

Scary little spiders creeping in the dark.

Carved plump pumpkins smiling at you.

Tired tall farmers feeding the animals.

Sweet apples hanging on the trees.

Tasty candies filling my tummy.

By Madisen Veingkeo


Fall is…

Red leaves are falling.

Creepy pumpkins glaring at you.

Cute farmers feeding cows.

Scary farmers scaring kids out of their pants.

Creepy pumpkins carving themselves.

Weird witches feeding kids baking soda.

Sweet witches feeding children candy.

Greedy ghosts filling decorations with evil spirits!



Fall is…

White ghosts floating in the air.

Sweet candy apples getting eaten by the greedy children.

Black fluffy cats sitting on the doorstep.

Ripe juicy apples falling from the trees.

Yummy apple cider that kids are drinking.

Eager children carving jack-o-lanterns.

Plump round pumpkins sitting in the fields.



Fall is…

Orange pumpkins sitting on porches,

Scary ghosts scaring kids,

Sweet cider filling your tummy,

A Creepy moon shining in the sky,

Fluffy black cats howling,

Greedy witches making potions,

Feisty bats flying in the sky,

Funny kids saying boo!



Fall is…

Scary scarecrows scaring kids out of their pants.

Bearded witches feeding kids baking soda.

Deathly ghosts eating people’s souls.

Black cats jumping in my path.

Plump pumpkins carving themselves.

Fat spiders biting me.

Creepy crows cawing all night.

Carved costumes being destructed.



Fall is…

Fat pumpkins trick or treating,

Tired farmers screaming,

Greedy cats flying,

Creepy candy sitting in my treat bag,

Sweet spiders weaving a web,

Spooky skeletons scaring kids,

Scary scarecrows frightening crows.



Fall is…

Scary ghosts going to the barn,

Creepy witches stirring poison,

Fluffy bats flying around at night,

Blood sucking vampires stalking.



Fall is…

Creepy tall apples scaring the kids,

Funny ghosts screaming at the shop man,

Sweet cats feeding kids at home,

Tired witches flying in the sky,

Carved jack-o-lanterns drinking water with the kids,

Tasty spiders sitting on the bed,

Scary crows flooding in the sky,

Greedy bats smiling at people.

Micah Lee


Fall is…

Spooky, cool costumes knocking on people’s doors,

Orange, pumpkin pies getting baked in an oven,

Carved, creepy jack-o-lanterns glaring at costumes,

Black, haunted spiders crawling up a wall,

Sweet, tasty candy getting put in trick-or-treaters baskets,

Greedy witches screaming at people,

Black bats hanging on people’s roofs,

White ghosts flying in the air, scaring people!



Fall is…

Sweet smells of pies baking,

Plump, orange pumpkins scaring trick or treaters,

Greedy witches screaming,

Black cats sitting,

Yellow leaves falling,

Funny farmers feeding animals,

Creepy, white ghosts flying through the air,

Scary bats smiling!



Fall is…

Orange leaves falling down,

Tasty pumpkin pies baking,

Creepy children scaring crows,

Tired farmers whipping cows

Cute cats sitting down,

Carved Jack-o-lanterns shining at night

Greedy witches feeding spiders,

Sweet bats hanging on trees.

Lori Yacoubian


Fall is…

Scary ghosts scaring trick or treaters.

Carved pumpkins sitting on my front porch.

Creepy crows eating candy on the floor.

Black cats howling at the moon.

Halloween decorations filling trick or treaters with fear.

Tired farmers drinking cider at night.

Spooky scary skeletons filling the night with fear.

Greedy witches stealing kid’s candy



 Fall is…

Fluffy cats howling at the moon.

Orange pumpkins growing in the yard.

Scary spiders creeping under the bed.

Farmers inside baking.

Sweet candy floating next to you.

Perfect decorations getting put up.

Fake black bats hanging up.

Greedy witches finding and scaring people.



Fall is…

Creepy scarecrows smiling at cats,

Sweet apples floating in the air,

Tired farmers sitting on pumpkins,

Funny bats screaming at ghosts,

Tall witches flying through the skies,

Plump pumpkins falling from the sky,

Scary ghosts scaring children,

Greedy jack-o-lanterns filling the buckets!



Fall is…

The white moon shining at us,

Orange foxes laying in the leaves,

Ghoulish witches stirring a pot,

Black crows flying everywhere,

White ghosts scaring people,

Orange pumpkins getting bigger and bigger,

Crisp apples ripping up.



Fall is…

Red and yellow leaves falling,

Scary spiders crawling up the wall,

Creepy ghosts floating,

Scary bats scaring crows,

Funny costumes running to the doors,

Carved pumpkins sitting,

Creepy black cats drinking!!

Warren Miller


Fall is….

Fluffy cats howling at ghost,

Creepy black bats sitting on the tree,

Haunting ghost scaring children all of them scream,

Big round pumpkins sitting on my porch,

Tasty apple cider sitting on the table just for me,

Black spiders climbing up the bed,

Tasty yummy candy hanging next to the door,

Big scented leaves falling from the trees.


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