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Welcome Peaches!

It was so hot last week and I noticed that every morning the birdie water bowl was bone dry.  I’d fill it up, and the next morning, dry.  On Tuesday morning as I was getting the water for the birds, I saw a very confident kitty drinking the water.  Mystery solved!  You can imagine the birdies were NOT pleased that a cat was drinking their water AND sitting right under the bird feeder.  She took off running when I came outside, but I left food.  Wednesday morning Mr. Pruden saw her and gave her food.  We wanted to see if she belonged to anyone so off to the vet we went.

She had no microchip!  She needed a home and we had room.  Her name is Peaches.  She is tiny and skinny and LOVES to eat!  For the first 12 hours or so she slept with her head next to the food bowl.  Yesterday she ventured out a bit and left the kitchen.  Last night she slept on the sofa in our room.

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